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Since 2022 we perfect our vision, to revolutionize the financial world.


Innovation meets technology.
The best app for easy comparisons in the german-speaking countries.


It has never been easier to earn money with an app.

Information about TIPPGEBER24

TIPPGEBER24 was founded in 2022 with a clear goal in mind: to develop a unique app that gives you the opportunity to generate an additional income. With our extensive experience in the referral business, we know what is possible in this field. After all, every person receives recommendations for products such as coffee machines, cars, insurance, and much more on a daily basis. However, most people are not aware of how valuable this information actually is, as it is often consumed faster than one might think.

We asked ourselves: What if you could earn money for these recommendations as well?

Regardless of your location and available time? This is where TIPPGEBER24 comes in: Our app allows you to generate passive income by sharing your recommendations with others. Join our community and benefit from our unique concept!

The App

The TIPPGEBER24-App offers you the following features:
Insurance policy management and comparision
Education for everybody
Affiliate-System up to 12 levels
Recurring commission model
Upcoming features:
Gas- and electricity price comparisons, travel, shops and much more


Discover our roadmap for the future!

We have big plans and ambitious goals for TIPPGEBER24, and our timeline shows how we will achieve them. Join us and be part of our success!

Who we are

We are not just a young, dynamic, and experienced team, but above all, a team with passion and visions. We complement each other perfectly in every direction and work together to achieve our goals.

Our idea arose from the desire to create something new and innovative that benefits not only ourselves but also other people. With TIPPGEBER24, we have accomplished exactly that and want to offer everyone the opportunity to generate passive income and achieve financial freedom.


You can find here the quick answers on the most frequent questions.

We have designed the referral program as simple as possible: Just show your friend the QR-Code or send him your referral link.

To become a part of TIPPGEBER24, you normally need an invite. This can for example be an invite link of your friend.


By using our app and recommending it to friends and acquaintances, you can generate a regular and recurring income. Once your referrals download and use the app, you earn commissions. Additionally, we plan to integrate more products and services into our app in the future, enabling you to earn even more money.

The security of your data is our top priority. We employ reliable and up-to-date security measures to ensure that your data is protected. We adhere to applicable data protection laws and strictly regulate access to your data. If you have any further questions about the security of your data, we are happy to assist you.

Yes, absolutely! Our app is a platform where you can find and purchase a variety of products and services. You do not have to be a participant in our referral program to benefit from the offers on our app.

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