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A car is a luxury good. At the beginning of 2020, around 65.8 million vehicles were registered in Germany. This large number is divided into 58.2 million motor vehicles, or Kfz, and 7.7 million motor vehicle trailers. Germany is one of the car nations – it is impossible to imagine many German households without the car.

In Germany, you not only have to insure the people, but also the cars. To find the optimal car insurance online, you can use the car insurance comparison of our innovative app. The app from Tippgeber24 shows you the best car insurance policies online and helps you find the right and cheap rate for you from over dozens of offers.

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Find the right rate for your car insurance online

What is car insurance anyway and do I even need to take out one? This is a question many people ask themselves, especially people who are buying and owning a car for the first time. German law stipulates that a motor vehicle liability insurance policy must be taken out for every car, but partial or fully comprehensive insurance is optional.

How expensive your car insurance is online depends on various factors. Age, profession, place of residence and the car you drive all play a role. Of course, the final price also depends on the insurance company and the tariff. To get the cheapest rate with the best benefits for your car insurance online, it is therefore worthwhile to compare car insurance online in our insurance manager app when looking for a suitable liability insurance.

Most people who own a car and take out car insurance online don’t know what liability insurance even covers. Yet the insurance is extremely important and covers a wide range of benefits in the event of damage:

Damage to other people’s cars

  • Repair costs
  • Towing costs
  • Expert’s fees
  • Rental car costs and loss of use costs
  • Replacement value in the case of an irreparable vehicle
  • Registration and deregistration costs of the injured party
  • Attorney’s fees in the event of a court settlement

Other forms of property damage

  • Damage to buildings
  • Damage to traffic facilities, such as traffic lights or road damage

Personal injuries caused by your motor vehicle

  • Treatment costs and compensation for pain and suffering
  • Loss of earnings and pension
  • Funeral costs and survivor benefits

If a claim is submitted to the car insurance company online or in person, the insurance company first examines the case. If it finds that the claim has no basis, it can refuse to pay, just like any other insurance company. In the case of a legitimate request, the liability insurance company will pay the claim.

By law, a minimum amount of insurance is established. This determines the value of the insurer of a car insurance online, up to which it must cover the cost of the damage:

  • 5 million euros for personal injury
  • Up to 1,220,000 million euros for property damage
  • 50,000 euros for property damage

Higher sums are often offered by most insurance companies, which you can find in our car insurance online comparison. Of course, this makes the tariff more expensive.

Protect yourself and your vehicle - take out your car insurance online

Besides the classic car insurance online, there are additional options, the so-called partial or fully comprehensive insurance. Neither partial nor fully comprehensive insurance is mandatory, but it is worthwhile in case of damage.

With our app, you can compare partial cover car insurance online and get quotes that insure additional perils for damage to your car at replacement value. These perils include, but are not limited to:

  1. Fires and explosions
  2. Theft or robbery of the vehicle
  3. Storm, hail, lightning or flooding
  4. Game accidents or accidents with animals in general
  5. Glass breakage
  6. Short circuits
  7. Animal bites such as from a marten
  8. Avalanche damage

It is also possible to insure so-called gross negligence with the motor insurance online, but this does not include driving under the influence of alcohol or theft of the vehicle due to open doors. Depending on the insurer, the benefits of partial casco can also vary here. In 2021, the German insurance industry recorded glass breakage as the most frequently reported comprehensive damage. Particularly if you drive a lot on the highway, partial cover insurance is worthwhile, as the risk of glass damage is significantly higher. If you compare car insurance online, you will find the best coverage for your needs.

Fully comprehensive insurance covers the same damages and risks as partial comprehensive insurance, with the addition of vandalism and self-inflicted accidents. Especially for new cars or high-priced cars, a fully comprehensive insurance makes sense.

What else you should look out for - tips from Tippgeber24

You can find and conclude your individually suitable car insurance online with our app – today. Pay attention to your no-claims class, for example, or, if you are still a beginner and young, take out insurance with the same insurer as your parents – here you can often save a few euros.

For every accident-free year, you move up to a better no-claims class. Moving up makes your rate cheaper. If you have an accident, you will be downgraded, which may make the tariff more expensive again. So find out more about car insurance online and compare how rates change in the event of an accident!

If you still have questions about our car insurance online with the Tippgeber24 app, you can contact us at any time. Our young, dynamic team will be happy to help you.