Welcome to the account deletion page of the Tippgeber24 App. If you wish to delete your account and the associated data, you are in the right place. Please follow the steps outlined below.
How you can delete your account:
  1. Sign In: First, sign in using your login credentials in the Tippgeber24 App.
  2. Settings: Navigate to the “Account” section and then “Settings”.
  3. Delete Account: Here you will find the “Delete Account” option. Click on it.
  4. Confirmation: You will be prompted to confirm your decision. Please note that this step cannot be undone.
Alternatively, or if you encounter any issues, you can also send us an email at support@tippgeber24.de.

Data to be deleted: When you delete your account:
  • Personal information such as name, email address, payment, and contact details will be deleted.
  • All the affiliates you’ve referred and their histories within the app will be removed.
  • Any preferences or settings within the app will be deleted.
Data Retention: Certain data may be retained for legal reasons or to fulfill contractual obligations for a specific period:
  • Transaction data and purchase history: 10 years
  • Login logs and security data: 1 year
  • Information stored to prevent duplicate user accounts and other fraud attempts, such as the IP address or email address.

Thank you for using the Tippgeber24 App.