Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

No the usage of the app is for free. However you can get products or services in our app, that cost something. This is openly shown and transparently visible if you have to pay something.

Tippgeber24 is stricly applying all existing Data Privacy laws and has taken according measurements, to ensure that personal data is saved and handled securely. For example, all data is sent via an encrypted connection and stored on secure servers in Germany.

Yes, Tippgeber24 is an official brokerage platform for insurances and other products, similar to other provides on the market. With our lawyers, we have ensured, that we are allways following the laws and have the necessary licenses and approvals.
We have had our affiliate system checked for being legal and operating according to all applicable laws and therefore we are one of many other providers on the market, working with affiliate systems.

Please contact you upline/sponsor, meaning the person who recommended our system to you.
This person should be able to answer all of your basic questions.
If you still have any open questions, feel free to contact us over support@tippgeber24.de.