Insurance comparison online with the innovative app

Whether you were born in Germany or just settled here a few years ago, there’s one thing you’ll never be able to avoid: Insurance. The wide range of different insurances can be overwhelming. Finding the right and important ones here can be quite a challenge.

Tippgeber24 is your expert and helper if you want to do an insurance comparison online. With our innovative and easy-to-use app, you can easily carry out an insurance comparison online from your smartphone. Save yourself expensive broker fees and time-consuming on-site visits to insurance companies!

In addition, you can not only find the right and cheap insurance for you in our modern app for online insurance comparison, but also build up a small, passive income through our affiliate program. Convince yourself and download the app for online insurance comparison from Tippgeber24 today on your mobile device!

Which insurances you should have in mind in the insurance comparison online

In Germany, we are required by law to take out some insurance policies. Here, the monthly or annual premiums for the insurances can vary greatly depending on the provider. Since in Germany the market freedom also applies to insurances, we are not bound to one provider respectively. We can choose between a variety of agencies.

But it is precisely the wide range that can make the perfect choice difficult. Therefore, it is a useful support to carry out the insurance comparison online. In our insurance manager app, you can find insurance policies from A to Z in a fair and easy-to-understand comparison, which allows you to be well insured at a good price. You will definitely benefit from the insurance comparison online.

Insurance comparison online for health insurance

A health insurance is mandatory by law. In addition, you should also inform yourself about a private health insurance or supplementary insurance with our insurance comparison online to improve your protection in case of illness & Co. Rates, included benefits and prices vary greatly – it is not easy to keep track of them all. Compare the different options on the market with our online insurance comparison and find the best solution for your individual needs. Our health insurance comparison includes the following insurances:

  • Private health insurance
  • Supplementary insurance: Outpatient / alternative practitioner, visual aids & preventive care
  • Supplementary insurance: Daily sickness benefit
  • Supplementary insurance: Inpatient / Hospital
  • Supplementary insurance: dental / dental treatment

With Tippgeber24 you have a partner at your side, who supports you efficiently and time-saving in the decision-making process. The online insurance comparison provides you with personalized results based on your individual requirements and preferences. Med con team offers you the transparency and flexibility you need for comprehensive coverage in the area of private and supplementary health insurance (and many other insurances). Here, no one should save at the wrong end when it comes to insurance.


Our app for insurance comparison online shows you also for these important insurances where you can get the best offer at a fair price. In addition, you have the opportunity to build up a small passive income by recommending our app to your acquaintances, family and friends. The investment allows you to receive a lucrative commission per recommendation, so you can get an additional income with little work.

Compare private insurances online and find the best offer

In addition to the compulsory insurances there are some private extra insurances that can be taken out. Extra insurances cost money, of course, which is why the insurance comparison online is extremely useful here, in order to be optimally covered for the worst case scenario without wasting unnecessary money.

Our team of experts recommends comparing the following additional insurances in the online insurance comparison in our app:

Private liability insurance: You drop a friend’s smartphone in the water? Your child accidentally damages a car while playing? For such cases, it is worthwhile to take out private liability insurance after an insurance comparison online. Liability insurance covers the costs if you accidentally cause damage to another person. The amount of reimbursement depends on the contractually agreed sum insured. Especially with this insurance, the offers are very different, which is why an insurance comparison online is very useful.

Occupational disability insurance: Imagine you are no longer able to perform your job due to a serious accident. In such a situation, an occupational disability insurance with a monthly pension helps to compensate your loss of income. To find the right insurance, an insurance comparison online is helpful. This will give you a comprehensive overview of the available options that are adapted to your needs and financial basis.

Special cases – dog and car liability insurance: If you own a car or a vehicle, you will not get around a liability insurance. This insurance compensates damages caused by your four-legged or four-wheeled friend. In order to get the best possible offer, we recommend that you compare insurance policies online before making your final decision.

Find your optimal insurance and save money with the insurance comparison app from Tippgeber24. If you have any questions about us, our app or our affiliate program, you can contact us at any time. Our young and dynamic team will be happy to help you if you want to do an insurance comparison online.