Insurance Manager App– Everything in sight with Tippgeber24

Everyone knows them and everyone has them in Germany – insurances. In addition to the legally regulated mandatory insurances in Germany, every person is free to take out additional insurances for more protection in everyday life.

A multitude of insurances can accumulate here, such as car insurance, accident insurance, or disability insurance.

With so many contracts, it’s easy to lose track.

To keep track of your insurances, it is recommended to work with an insurance management app. In our app from Tippgeber24, your completed insurances are listed in a clear and concise manner and can be accessed at any time. This way, you can maintain an overview and gain clarity, and you can also build a small passive income with our insurance management app on the side!
Tippgeber24 is your company for an insurance management app, led by a young and dynamic team. We offer you a mature digital solution to keep track of your insurances, compare them, and at the same time, build up your income. Make decisions that make you financially independent and guarantee your protection in everyday life – with the insurance management app from Tippgeber24!

Manage, compare, and earn money with the insurance management app.

Our insurance management app can do more than just comparing insurances. We are constantly working to improve our digital solution for comparing insurances in one app. Insurance is an indispensable part of life in Germany – and that is precisely why we believe that you should always have the best insurance.

Our insurance management app offers you a variety of functions. Managing your insurances is, of course, one of them. With our app, you can easily digitize your insurances anytime and anywhere, so you can check the price and provider of your insurance with your smartphone – without having to search through annoying paper contracts in your files.

In addition, our insurance management app also serves as an insurance comparison app. You can display all tariffs for your personal comparison according to your wishes, and switch if necessary to save money in the long run. With the comparison function of our insurance management app, insurance does not have to be unnecessarily expensive.

If you are not sure which insurance with which tariff is best suited for you individually, you are not alone – we offer you a large pool of insurance brokers who will advise you on all questions related to insuring and contracts for insurance, and help you achieve the best possible insurance coverage for your life!

Another advantage of our insurance management app: by recommending us to your friends, family, or colleagues, you can earn money and generate passive income on the side. Making money while being well insured is not a problem with our insurance management app!

Becoma a part of our Affiliate Program

Become a part of Tippgeber24 with our affiliate program. How it works is simple: you recommend others to use our app. How many people you convince to download our insurance management app doesn’t matter for membership in our program – only your commission is calculated from it. Thanks to the detailed instructions in our insurance management app, you can easily and without much effort become part of a cool community and earn some extra income every month.
Sustainable, fast, and uncomplicated – that’s what the Tippgeber24 affiliate program stands for. Expand your network and take control of your passive income without any problems by recommending our insurance management app to your circle.

Develop yourself further with us and our insurance management app.

With the insurance management app from Tippgeber24, you can not only keep track of your existing insurances or get the best deals and earn money on the side, but also develop yourself further.

By using the app, we offer you education and personal development. Through us, you can learn everything about finance – we show you how to handle your money and invest it wisely.

We also train you in the crypto field. Crypto, or cryptocurrency, refers to digital assets that can function as a medium of exchange in the market like money. Your digital assets are not stored in the bank like your money, but in a so-called blockchain with sophisticated encryption technology.

There are now more than 10,000 different cryptocurrencies. We will train you on which cryptocurrency is worth investing in and what to consider when buying and selling digital assets to get the most out of your money.

You want to become our affiliate, but don’t know how to build your network? No problem! We also specialize in techniques and strategies to become successful in marketing. We are happy to train you in the area of networking and building a community. In addition, we not only introduce you to basic business principles but also help you strengthen your personality and build a strong image of yourself.

For this, feel free to visit one of our events – live in the digital space!

Continuous development of our insurance management app - you contribute to it.

We want to grow with you. For this, we plan to develop our insurance management app together with you. Join us on our and your personal journey and become successful with the insurance management app from Tippgeber24 – whether as an affiliate with our insurance management app or as a future investor.
You can always track our goals and our further journey of success for the insurance management app you trust on our website – on our roadmap, you can get a glimpse of our current plans. And who knows, maybe soon you will be part of our community when we give you the opportunity to find electricity, gas, travel, and more at the best price!
If you have any questions about our insurance management app or want to become part of the growing, successful community of Tippgeber24, you can contact us via our contact form or join our dynamic Telegram group!