Invest in Tippgeber24

A new way to recommend interesting products and earn money while doing it!

This app will revolutionizes the referral marketing!

The first system in Germany if not worldwide that rewards not only brokers, distributors or entrepreneurs but everyone.

It has never been easier to earn through customer referrals on insurance, crypto sales and many constantly expanding products.

We are not just building an app that can make tipping easier. With selected partners, we plan to completely revolutionize the financial world in 2023.



Affiliate Comissions

Earn for referral of customers up to 12 levels for all different products offered and build up your own passive income.


A part of all proceeds goes into a charity pool. Help us build schools, dig wells or support other charitable projects.


Use the Insurance Manager, invest in innovative new tokenized financial products, educate yourself with our growing range of training courses, and take advantage of other app benefits.


Investment Structure

App launched!

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Maximum investment sum

500.000€ minimum capital 4 / 6 1.377.000€ invested 3.000.000€

Investors can participate in the project up to a total of 3.000.000€.


What is TIPPGEBER24?

Tippgeber24 is an app that allows you to quickly and easily build up a passive income through the use of our products.

Planned features



Customer refers customer

Tokenized financial products

Krypto-Wallet with debit card

Marketing tools



Q1 2024

Launch Crypto-Letter

Q2 2024

Expansion of service support personnel

Q3 2024

Expansion of precious metals facilities

Q4 2024

Bank account & debit card


Our Team


You'll find quick answers to the frequently asked questions.
We will be able to publish first drafts shortly. A professional development team will take care of the implementation in the next months. The launch of the app should then take place in Q2 2023.

The company will offer an innovative and market-leading product that has never been seen before. As long as the project remains profitable, it will provide investors with a lifelong stake in the project's turnover that can also be passed down to future generations. The expected return on investment will increase with the number of users and revenue, and with the addition of further products and services, the initial investment will become increasingly lucrative over time.

Money Transfer or via Krypto.

Please write us your name, who told you about us or how did you find out about us and how much you would like to invest.

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