Our range of products

As a team at TIPPGEBER24, we have made it our mission to always be on the lookout for new products and to continuously optimize and expand our app.

We are proud to offer a variety of high-quality products that help our users improve their lives and achieve their goals. Feel free to check out our overview of available products and be inspired by our broad range of offerings.



Everyone knows about insurance and everyone has it – on average, every German owns about six insurance policies. Starting with health insurance, which is mandatory in Germany, to home contents insurance and travel insurance – there is a variety of insurances that accompany us in everyday life.

It is not only important to have the right insurance policies. We have integrated features in our app that help you digitally organize and optimize your insurance policies.
We want you to feel completely secure with our app and no longer have to worry about your insurance. With TIPPGEBER24, all important functions are combined in one app.

Education - Education for all

Education is an integral part of life, promoting not only intellectual development but also personal growth.

At TIPPGEBER24, we believe in the importance of education and aim to provide our users with a broad range of educational opportunities.

Our education platform encompasses various areas, including:


Discover the world of cryptocurrency, which could be the future of money.

Personal development

Invest in yourself and recognize your worth.


Learn from successful networkers and individuals who have proven it multiple times how you can reach the next level with marketing.


Discover new ways to manage and invest your money.

We are proud to continuously expand our education platform over the years to provide our users with a comprehensive range of educational offerings.


Affiliate marketing is becoming increasingly popular, especially in the digital age where the smartphone has become an essential tool. With TIPPGEBER24, we have developed a lucrative affiliate program that allows you to easily earn money through your smartphone or PC.

Through referrals, you can generate a recurring commission on up to 12 levels. Whether you make just a few referrals or hundreds, the potential for passive income is significant.

Our app makes it easy and straightforward to take advantage of the affiliate program and reap its benefits.

But that’s not all:
We have also integrated the “Refer-a-Friend Program” into our app.

It is the best potential for a quick and sustainable expansion of your network and offers you the opportunity to receive an attractive bonus for every successful referral.

With the TIPPGEBER24 app, it’s a breeze to refer friends, family, and acquaintances and to benefit from the advantages of the “Refer-a-Friend” program.

Upcoming products

We are starting smart with 2 major areas and plan to expand even more in the future.

Based on our experience and longstanding partnerships, we are looking to expand our product offerings to include:

Electricity and gas comparison (2023/2024)

Book Flights (2024/2025)

Booking trips (2024/2025)

Mobile phone contracts / smartphones (2024/2025)